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About Financial Standard's Consulting & Executive Education services

Financial Standards provides Consulting Services related to interest rate and commodity price management and financial markets technology innovation such as blockchain and digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

We also provide Executive Education to help prepare the next generation with the skills they need to be competitive and productive.

In partnership with The Institute for Financial Markets (IFM), Financial Standards delivers the NFA Series 3 National Commodities Futures Exam in-person preparation class, and courses on futures, options, and swap markets that are designed to help market participants, regulators and professionals working in the futures industry.

We recently partnered with the experts at the Chicago-based fintech company, Mosaique, LLC to offer Blockchain, Smart Contract, and Cryptocurrency consulting and education.

Customizable on-site workshops, classes, and programs are also available.

Consulting Services
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Executive Education Programs
NFA Series 3 Exam Prep: Fundamentals of Futures Options

In partnership with the Institute for Financial Markets, which has offered educational programs for the derivatives markets for more than 30 years, this course provides a foundation and understanding of futures and options markets and trading including:

  • Terminology
  • Risk management
  • Pricing and basic trade strategies

This 2-day course includes lectures from an engaging instructor with real-world expertise and is supported by class discussion, practice exercises, and educational materials.

The course fee includes two must-read industry books: Futures and Options and The Guide to US Futures Regulation. The fee also includes a 6-month subscription to PassMaster, which is a comprehensive online educational program that helps students customize and streamline study time.

Representation of students taking notes in a Financial Standards, Inc. NFA Series 3 Exam Prep In-Person Class

Executive Education Programs
Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Cryptoassets

Our technology innovation program covers Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), smart contracts, and cryptoassets, and how these underlying technologies can be applied to the enterprise.

The first part of the day is dedicated to a comprehensive overview of cryptoassets including: cryptocurrencies, their markets, and the economics that support their use and value. We then conduct a deep dive on blockchain transaction mechanisms and smart contracts using professionally designed animations, group activities, and a detailed enterprise grade platform demo.

The afternoon portion examines several use cases focusing on financial transactions and digital identity.

The workshop concludes with an instructor-led group activity whereby the class is organized into smaller groups to create a use case applying DLT or smart contracts. Each group presents their work to the entire classroom for further discussion and improvement.

Contact our offices for more information about scheduling a program customized for your company or industry group.

Bitcoin vs Altcoins
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