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Introducing Financial Standards Inc., Providing Consulting and Educational Services for Your Business’s Future
November 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Financial Standards, Inc.
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For most businesses, the future has arrived.

The financial world looks completely different than it did merely a decade ago. From the government, we see efforts to shift international trade agreements. Advanced technology once meant mobile phones, but now it refers to cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity threats, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Keeping up with trends while running your business can consume every hour in a day if you let it. Practical business owners, however, know when to reach out to consultants for help.

Our Mission Is Your Business

Keeping ahead of the curve is a vital part of maintaining your competitive edge. For any company involved in financial services, getting left behind can destroy a firm.

We understand that business owners and other leaders of many small and medium-sized businesses have little time to devote to issues such as technology awareness or proper executive training. For that reason, we have founded Financial Standards Inc. Our goal lies in providing top quality support in a range of important fields.

Consulting Services on the Latest Advances in Finance

Companies with connections to the financial world need to tap into the right level of expertise in order to get the advice and guidance they require. If you don't have in-house financial experts, Financial Standards Inc. can help.

Our consulting services cover issues such as interest rates and commodity price management techniques. We also work with clients who want to maximize their efforts to use the latest technology in blockchain and to explore the use of digitally based assets, such as cryptocurrencies.

At Financial Standards Inc., we do not bring pre-made, cookie-cutter solutions to your problems, questions, or concerns. We sit down with our clients, ask questions, go over company information, and then work with them to figure out the best course of action going forward. All of our solutions are customized to each company’s unique conditions.

Programs and Courses for Executive Education

In conjunction with the Institute for Financial Markets, we have worked to put together a plan of study. We designed the coursework to benefit current and aspiring executives who need to learn the skills and techniques that will enhance their abilities to compete and to thrive in an ever-changing financial environment.

These courses include education in:

• Fundamentals in Futures Options

• Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Cyber Assets

• Swap Markets, and more

Ask how we can schedule courses or workshops for your company today.

In addition, we work with Mosaique, a Chicago-based financial technology firm, to teach about the best uses of blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies.

National Futures Association Series 3 Exam Preparation

Financial Standards Inc. offers Series 3 exam prep. Administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, this exam confirms that the test participant has sufficient knowledge and capabilities to serve clients in commodities and other financial services work.

Reach Out Today

Has your company faltered due to being behind on important knowledge of the latest technology? Do you have an interest in pushing your company toward technologies like blockchain or assets like cryptocurrency?

Do you need specific and proven training and courses to prepare your executives for the future?

Contact Financial Standards Inc. today to learn more about what we can do to set your company up for success in the future. Call or message today. Our friendly and expert staff can guide you through the benefits of both our consulting services and courses.

The future is now. Don’t get left behind. Call Financial Standards Inc. today.