Why is Continuing Education for Financial Industry Executives So Important?
March 16, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Continuing education is crucial in all professions- - as change is the only constant in life!

Technology advancements, globalization, continuing changes in laws and regulations to address emerging businesses and processes are presenting  both challenges and opportunities for everyone. To sustain one's value as an executive in our changing world, it makes sense to commit to being a life long learner!

Executive Education

At Financial Standards Inc., we make it easy to stay ahead of leading changes in financial markets and new fintech applications. Since 2016, our company decided that cryptocurrency and blockchain applications were going to be changemakers in the financial markets. Thus, it became one of our core competencies. We'd like to share with you what we know so that you can best anticipate the shape of things to come within your own organization.

Blockchain Education

Financial Standards Inc. has developed an effective and popular introductory course to help clients better understand the function and value of blockchain. The courses include a range of different materials, group activities, and an enterprise grade demo platform to help you apply the understanding you have gained.

Our continuing education opportunities include a full day workshop, where executives learn how blockchain works, as well understanding how it can benefit the business.

Crypto Currency Education

This rapidly-expanding field is also one of the most exciting for modern business. Most everyone has heard of Bitcoin, and perhaps other crypto-currencies that have become about in recent years, but this is just these innovations in money and store of value being transferred digitally are just the tip of the iceberg!

Increasingly, users are looking to crypto as an  investment, but as a daily finance tool.

Our education programs in crypto currencies include an explanation of crypto assets, smart contracts, and how they relate to traditional financial services and products. Participants will also learn more about how they can apply these fintech concepts to their own enterprise. 

Our workshops in crypto currency education will help you to better understand this opportunity for your firm and its clients. We focus not only on the currency itself and how it has developed, but also the broader context. Those taking the course will learn how crypto-currency functions in the broader market.

Learn also what affects its development as an investment product and how to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

Financial Standards Inc Education Programs.

We partner with Mosaique LLC, a Chicago-based fintech company, and a leader in the crypto field. The combined expertise of Mosaique and our team provides the best possible executive education programs in these vital areas.

Financial Standards Inc. offers a broad range of workshops, seminars, and classes covering blockchain, crypto-currency, and many other critical subjects

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Also check out our NFA Series 3 Exam Prep programs for investmentl professionals and executives. We've teamed up with the Institute for Financial Markets to bring the very best educational programming in the futures, options and swaps markets.

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