Commonly Asked Questions About NFA Series 3 Exam Prep & More from Financial Standards
January 8, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by Financial Standards

While the futures industry is more than 150 years old, new product developments in recent years have attracted a much larger audience beyond traders and hedgers. Wealth managers are setting up futures-based commodity pools for the benefit of their clients and investing in a broad class of commodities. The exchange traded futures markets S&P 500 contracts and crude oil are by far the most actively traded. New contracts in Bitcoin, futures, and credit indexes have gained a great deal of traction, too.

The baseline professional license in the futures industry is the NFA Series 3 Exam. To help better understand what to expect when you are preparing to take the exam, we have included a shortlist of commonly asked questions.

What Is the NFA Series 3 Exam?

The National Commodities Futures Exam, administered by the National Futures Association, consists of 125 questions that cover two areas: market knowledge and regulatory knowledge.

Candidates have two and a half hours to complete the exam and must also score a 70 percent or above on each one of the two sections to pass.

We offer a two-day NFA Series 3 exam study program in New York City, Chicago and London. We also do in house programs for companies that want to educate an entire department within their company.

Do You Partner with Other Educational Providers?

We work with the Institute for Financial Markets to provide the most up-to-date course materials. IFM is a respected source of learning materials for the US financial sector. Through the IFM, couse participants can obtain CPE or CLE credits.

How Does Financial Standards Help with Preparation?

We have put together a comprehensive and proven guide to help those seeking to pass the NFA Series 3 Exam. Working with IFM, Financial Standards provides study materials and online practice tests to all course participants at no additional cost.

What Can Financial Standards Do for Those Already in the Profession?

We offer a range of professional and executive education programs designed to supplement prior learning and experience. These education programs provide up-to-date and experienced-based courses. They provide the skills and knowledge needed to take advantage of opportunities and support client needs.

Other courses:

Our first course addresses the needs of new industry professionals by providing the basics of what you need to know. Called “The Fundamentals of Futures Options,” it gives a comprehensive baseline of knowledge that all should have.

This class works great as either a resource for beginning professionals or a refresher for those who exited the field and wish to return.

We also offer a course that can benefit professionals at all levels of experience. Our class covering blockchain, cryptoassets, and distributed ledger technology offers an opportunity for all to learn about the latest trends in financial services.

Financial Standards has been hired by Boards of Directors to undertake studies and give presentations about commodity price risk specific to a particular industry or organization.

In connection with the IFM, Financial Standards has developed curriculum and presentations for courses on Dodd Frank Regulation, OTC Swaps, Swap Execution Facilities, and Credit Derivatives. In 2020, we plan to develop a course on weather derivatives, because global warming is having an adverse effect on businesses, weather derivatives could become more and more beneficial to help mitigate risks posed by weather.

How Can I Access These Services?

We welcome all who have questions about our proven effective educational programs. Our experienced and friendly staff can provide answers about our programs and also more information about how to participate. Let Financial Standards serve as your step forward into the industry. Call us today for more information or message us here.